Supergirl Original Acrylic Illustration

2017-03-23 23.44.05

Supergirl by Dean Kealy

Hi guys! I know it’s been a while, but here I am! I just finished this acrylic illustration that I’ve been working on for the past week and thought I would share it with you guys here! Above is the finished piece, and below is a slideshow with all the progress pics I took and shared on my Snapchat as I was working on it (username: Llamadean)! Underneath the slideshow then is a photo of all three of the acrylic illustrations I’ve done over the past two years, starting with Arrow, followed by the Flash and last but not least Supergirl, creating the DC (TV) Trinity! All three illustrations are 18×20 inches, and are for sale. You can contact me via the blog’s contact form if you’re interested in any of them!

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2017-03-23 23.44.13


Another Video!

I did a second test sketch video to see how I feel about it, and I’m glad I did. I’ve made my notes and now I know exactly what I have to do make things better for the next video. For starters I need to turn off the auto focus on my camera so that it doesn’t take 30 seconds to stop trying to settle on the page, then I think I need to add more lights/arrange them differently, and then I need to move the angle of the camera so you can actually see what I’m drawing as opposed to seeing what I’ve drawn once I’ve moved my hand out of the way! 😀


I Made A Video!

I’m trying out something different. I’d love to know what you guys think! Is there something in particular you’d like to watch me draw, etc. Let me know! 😀


#XMasArtChallenge16 Days 5-7

I’ve been very bold again and fallen behind on the X-Mas Art Challenge 2016. Here is an amalgamation of Days 5-7: The Grinch (fav xmas movie) sitting on a reindeer with some ornaments thrown in for good measure! 😂


#XMasArtChallenge 16: Day’s 2 and 3


I’ve been a naughty little elf, and fell behind on my X-Mas Art Challenge 2016! Yes, my own challenge, I know how dare I! Anyway, to make up for it, here is Day 2: An X-Mas Tree and Day 3: Something Red together! 😀


#XMasArtChallenge16 Day 1: Yourself in an X-Mas Jumper!

Day 1: Yourself in an X-Mas Jumper!

It’s Day 1 of the X-Mas Art Challenge 2016! The prompt for today is to draw “Yourself in an X-Mas Jumper!”. It’s looking like we have a few participants this year, which is awesome, considering I was the only one to do this challenge last year. I can’t wait to see who gets involved and their drawings!

If you are participating, please don’t forget to use the hastag #XMasArtChallenge16!

The prompt list, in case you missed it!

Add the badge to your blog if you’re participating!


X-Mas Art Challenge 2016 Starts Tomorrow!


X-Mas Art Challenge 2016 starts tomorrow, Thursday December 1st! The aim of it is to get your artistic juices flowing, and drawing something festive everyday leading up to the Christmas Holidays.

Everything kicks off tomorrow with Day 1: You in an X-Mas Jumper!

I hope to see lots of participants, and make sure if you’re posting on social media that you use the hashtag #XMasArtChallenge16!

See you all tomorrow! 😀


X-Mas Art Challenge 2016 is Here!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for–Well, some of you maybe… no? Ok…

Last year, here on the blog, I hosted #XMasArtChallenge2015. What it was, basically is a 25 day X-Mas drawing challenge! Each day, you’re prompted to draw something Christmas related and share it either on your blog, or your social media platform of preference–or both! In the end, I think it was just myself who participated in it, with a few stragglers popping in here and there. This year though, with the success of #SaturdayScribblers, I’d like to think there are a couple more of you out there who might like to participate?!? Please?!?  Above, is the 25 days of prompts for the challenge, with a bonus one at the end if you feel like doing something the day after Christmas. I personally really enjoyed it last year, and hope you’ll join me this year! I even went out and bought a new sketchbook especially for it! I’ll be back here again on Wednesday, November 30th to remind you, just in case you forget.


Last year’s X-Mas Art Challenge 2015!

Oh, and before I go, one more thing: There’s even a nifty little badge/logo I’ve put together for you so you can add it with your posts, or throw it up somewhere along with any other badges you might have. It’s a PNG. so feel free to use wherever and however you like while participating, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #XMasArtChallenge16. I’ll see you all soon! 😉